Burberry Art of the Trench event

So I've been gone over a month and I felt I should drop in and emphasize I haven't just dropped dead. My exams officially end on the 16th and I'll be back to posting and such regularly but this was so long overdue, I felt it was about time I posted this.

So back in October, Burberry decided to bring their lauded mash up of a street style/social networking initiative, Art of the Trench, to India. During fashion week, they snagged Manou of Wearabout to shoot a selection of editors, socialities, photographers, some actors, models, etc and 3 bloggers (Lesly, Imsu and myself). In February, there was a super fun event we all went together for (along with Rinchen from Jitterbug-r) at the Oberoi. It was like an exhibit with these massive touch screen installations and endless champagne. I got to meet some fascinating personalities and the Burberry team was just wonderful. 
Lesly, Imsu, Rinchen and I obviously acted like the dorks we are, losing our shit at the screens, scrolling through and generally being weirdos. Below are some pictures I managed to get together though everyone else and a couple of other people put them on their blogs like normal people when the event actually happened and I was too lazy to retrieve most of them.

Screenshot from the first day it went up on the website.

Wearing: Zara blazer, Filthy Magic top, Market HQ necklace, Boyy bag, Vero Moda leather leggings, Report shoes.

 At the store. The Burberry team was wearing the most ridiculously amazing shoes but I thought it would be a little creepy if I just started shooting their feet with my phone camera since I forgot my damned actual camera.

All pictures courtesy of Lesly! 

I have so many updates and for those of you that follow me on Twitter, you probably know most of it. From the 16th on, I'm free till basically August - so check back then!

Arushi x

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Rose-et-Violet said...

That sounds like such a great event, and I hope that exams aren't getting you down too much!


Wida said...

Those shoes are a dream!

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Benlovesting said...


Joana said...

I hope you had fun doing this too. And good luck with the rest of your exams!

xo Joana

Clara Turbay said...

Better and Better ideas and style.

Style-Delights said...

The event sounds so much fun!! Love your style!! BTW, I guess at an event where bloggers are invited, shoes pictures with phone wouldn't come as surprise!:-) I just found your blog and loved it!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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The High Heel Times said...

Hey, I'm glad you returned and looking forward to reading your updates!
Btw, you know it's not really nice of you to write about amazing Burberry shoes and insert only one picture ;-)

Indian Wedding said...

awesome yaar !!! like your post ! Cheers www.bigindianwedding.com

cfp123 said...

Simply superb………..marvelous….

saumya verma said...

When you'll post new pics?? :)

saumya verma said...

Welcome back sweetheart :) <3

UrbanRaw said...

Now thats what u call unwinding after exams...off to burberry event!!!
good show...


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