I haven't steadily blogged in over 3 months because so much has been going on. I recently graduated from high school on the 16th and a few weeks prior to that, found out that I've been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for this fall semester! For any of my long time followers, you'll know this is immensely exciting for me. I'm majoring in Advertising & Marketing Communications and my goal is to work in the luxury marketing industry thereafter. I'm obviously slowly losing my mind about living in New York - its the dream.

This is a thing - when people start getting these acceptance packages to FIT, they post a picture with it for the facebook page. Forgot to reverse it in a fit of delirium. 

After, I left for Goa on the 20th for a week with some friends and just got back. Here are some random details:

1- Candle in the window.
2. White Sands.
3. Slummin' in in flip flops. 
4. Shrimp cocktail.
5. Bruschetta.
6. With a long island iced tea and Orwell's 1984.
7. Tequila shot remnants. 
8. Agonda Paradise.
9. Rings from MARKET HQ and Forever 21. 
11. YOUREYESLIE t-shirt.
12. Rings from Forever 21 and gifted by a friend from a Mcleodganj street market.
13. The Virgin Suicides and Barcelona on the iPod.
14. Bartameus, our trusty beach bud.
16. Random assortment of bangles from Vero Moda.
17. Calamari at H2O, Agonda.
19. Crochet top from OTTOMODE and leather shorts from Stylein.
20. and 21. Forever 21 rings.
23. House of Harlow ring. 
26. Coolest bathrooms ever.
30. Jewelry haul from Palolem beach.
35. My favorite book, On the Road.
37. The best restaurant in Patnem. 

SO MUCH stuff coming up soon! Watch this space.

Arushi x


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Miss K said...

Amazing photos!

Sugar said...

Congratulations ! Miss your posts !!


Eccentric Connoisseur said...

CONGRATULATIONS! you must be soo excited. amazing pictures. All the rings are such statement pieces<3


mounika roches said...

loved everything. you are an inspiration to new bloggers like me!


Congrats! Wishing you luck for New York!

Bonniela said...

I enjoyed the pictures thoroughly. <3 And lets see YOU in the next post. ;)

Joana said...

Wow, there's so much going on...Congratulations on getting into one of the best Fashion Universities in the World! And it looks like you had the perfect way to celebrate it :)

xo Joana

Hannah said...


Hope you had an amazing time in Goa too!



miffalicious said...

All the best for New York! I'm sure it's going to be such a blast:) x

PI said...

Congratulations! Here's wishing you a wonderful, memorable journey ahead :)

saumya verma said...

Congo A.K for ya selection in FIT. :) and nice photos.. But where's ya face lol??

H said...

Congratulations on FIT! It's going to amazing :)
Great pictures!

Kate Flâneur said...

Living the sweet life!! Beautiful pictures reminding me that summer is sooo close!

Miu said...

Congratulations, that's amazing!

Fictitious Fashion said...

Wow.. Congratulations hon! :) Living in NY is my Dream as well.. :)
Lovely Blog you have here.. Care to follow each other? I'll be waiting for you on my blog :)

New Post is up- Zara, UCB and Kiehl's: A craze


Shanky Jindal said...

Best wishes... http://www.gujaratonnet.com

carrievintage said...

amazing post *__*

кυмαя said...

may your all dreams come true Arushi All the best for all your endeavors :)

Varnika Singh said...

I absolutely love your blog...in fact i got introduced to blogging wid ur blog...check out my fashion blog @


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