H&M Conscious

Corset and embellished shorts // H&M Conscious Collection

Pleasantly surprised by H&M Conscious - these teeny embellished brocade shorts are being worn on a pretty c constant basis. 

All images by Daniel Graindorge.



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Lera said...

You're unbelievable, cute! I've been really into what h&m does lately, looks nice!

Rupa said...

Wow! Love the lipstick and those shorts.

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Uparna Das said...

Hey! Found your blog today. Love your pictures. Those shorts are to die for. Great going with the blog.



Gema said...

Love the outfit especially those shorts! Absolutely love the lipstick too.

Fathima said...

Loving the outfit, especially the shorts and the lipstick.

But wish the top was a bit more fitted though!


jomso said...

You look superb in such outfit

Veronica said...

Superb look Arushi!!

vreeni mänke said...

looks amazing - I really love this style.


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Natalia M. said...

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Western Party Dresses Online India said...

Love the outfit. So beautiful and charming. :) XOXO

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! You look stunning! <3 Check our blog as well www.styliciousblondies.com

Laura Larghetti said...

Really cute pants!

anusia said...

Lovely outfit. Suits you.

Sumit said...

Frankly Saying I like your Smile, And talking about your Outfit which make this Picture Perfect. God Bless You..!!

10 out of 10

Raj Groups said...

great blog

Hamida H said...

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Preeti Pooja said...

Love your style. Let's follow each other.


Shilpi said...

Nice collection..
I loved that white dress, really beautiful...

Robert Walt said...

You are absolutely looking stunning in those pants . Lip sticks is also adding charms

Fair Look

srik said...

mind blowing fantastic unbelievable .! cutest pics..!

Elish Shaw said...

so cute!! it seems every dress just looks beautiful because it is you who is wearing it!!

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keep posting

Shreya Dhawan said...

Looking damn cute! Amazing outfit. Loved it!

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Jyoti Chadha said...

Really nice pic collections. Please keep it up.

Goldencollections said...

Very nice pics, keep posting with new updates...

wedding photographers in Kerala said...

nice pants.. really loved it

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WholesaleSalwar said...

You are looking fab in this outfit. :)

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ronn said...

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